How to make a Cafe Bombon

Spanish Cafe Bombon Recipe

What is Cafe Bombon? 

A Cafe Bombon is a sweet espresso drink made with condensed milk and an espresso shot, which is  very popular in Spain! It's usually served in a glass  so that you can admire the swirling ingredients as they form a colourful coffee array of goodness. 

Time to make: 3 minutes

Level of difficulty: Easy

Recipe ingredients: 

  • 10 ml LAX Vanilla Coffee Concentrate
  • Water
  • 60ml Condensed Milk of your choice
  • Milk of your choice (to steam/froth)

This recipe uses:

  • 10 ml Lax Vanilla Coffee Concentrate
  • Water
  • Condensed Milk (of your choice)
  • Flight Fuel Stainless Steel Mug (or your mug of choice)
  • Milk Frother/Steam Wand 

Steps to Make a Cafe Bombon:

Step 1: Pour 10 ml  of our LAX Vanilla Concentrate into your desired mug plus 50 ml of water and stir together.

Step 2: Slowly drizzle in the condensed milk, it will eventually sink to the bottom of the mug.

Step 3: In a separate cup begin to froth your milk, only a small amount so you can gently place it on top.

Step 4: Scoop your milk foam and gently spoon on top, aim for an equal layer (aim for a 1:1:1 ratio)  Serve immediately. 

Recommended product:

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Flight Fuel Stainless Steel Travel Mug