Australian Magic Coffee

Australian Magic Coffee

What is an Australian Magic Coffee?

An Australian Magic Coffee drink is made with a double ristretto shot and steamed milk. It uses the same amount of coffee as an espresso but half the amount of water, meaning there's a more concentrated flavor. This overall emphasizes the sweetness of the ristretto, allowing for a strong but sweet coffee brew.

Time to make: 5 minutes

Level of difficulty: Easy

Recipe ingredients:

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Step 1: Carefully distribute 15 ml of your LAX Vanilla Concentrate to your Flight Fuel Stainless Steel Mug or mug of choice (we wouldn’t want any to go to waste!).

Step 2: Grab your desired milk and use your frother to steam until it's silky. The aim here is to create a micro-foam that replicates the texture of a flat white, this way it won’t be as hot as a latte, making it easier to drink.

Step 3: Pour your milk over your concentrate leaving the foam at the bottom of the frother, stir the mixture together before carefully placing the micro-foam on top. Then, sip, serve, and slay. 

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