The name Flight Fuel was inspired by
Chris’s viral content. During his travels he has picked up a lot of ‘airport coffee’ and it was time for a change, so the idea of building a coffee brand around airplanes was a no-brainer.

We have initially launched with three
original blends of coffee and two concentrates, all named after infamous airports that Chris has featured within his content which all hold a special place in his heart; each one is different to ensure that we have catered towards every coffee preference. We want Flight Fuel to be a product that appeals to everyone, whether you're familiar with Chris’s content, a frequent traveller, or just a huge coffee lover. Our overall aim is to create a coffee community, and we would love for you to be part of it - so grab the window seat and start your journey with us today. 


Chris is a lot of things. TikTok
sensation, international bestie, therapy advocate, fun Guncle, and most importantly, a coffee enthusiast.  

Chris launched into stardom in April 2020 when he started his TikTok channel. He established his love for coffee early on in his career, with multiple videos dedicated to spontaneous coffee trips across the country, which he turned into a trend of his own. This eventually led to Chris hand-delivering coffee to celebrities, with the biggest
coffee deliveries going to the likes of Drew Barrymore, Tom Daley and even the Vice President Kamala Harris. 

 From this, it was only natural for
Chris to venture out and start a coffee brand of his own. He has successfully created an online persona revolving around caffeine (amongst other things), so he is well on his way to build himself up to be a respected coffee entrepreneur. Chris has absolutely loved the process of curating Flight Fuel, and he cannot wait to share it with you. 

Frequent Flyer?

We have curated a frequent flyer subscription service, so that you can earn Passenger Points with every purchase and put them towards your flight fuel travel essentials.

With this service, you can fly all the way through to first class with 12 months of freshly brewed coffee.

Level up your flying status at each tier:

At each tier, you earn exclusive in-flight treats including sticker packs, mugs and other cool stuff.

Don’t worry, this airport is a lot more relaxed, if you don’t want to board this month you can just skip, amend, or cancel at any time!