Portuguese Mazagran Coffee

Portuguese Mazagran Coffee

Escape into the Algarve with this lemon infused coffee 🍋☕. Want a way to switch up your coffee routine during your summer? Don't worry we’ve got you, with this bold and zesty Mazagran inspired recipe✨. Create yours in 5 simple steps.

What is a Portuguese Mazagran Coffee?

A Portuguese Mazagran Coffee is a cold brew recipe which essentially intertwines coffee and lemonade. This is done by combining the citrus with the rich flavor of espresso, resulting in a zesty pick-me-up and ultimate summer coffee drink.

Time to make: 5 minutes

Level of difficulty: Medium 

Recipe ingredients:

This recipe uses:

Steps to Success:

Step 1: Grab your Flight Fuel Reusable Cup or tall glass of choice and fill to the top with ice.

Step 2: Measure 10 ml of our LAX Vanilla Concentrate and pour into your desired cup.

Step 3: Mix in your sugar or honey if you want a sweeter brew (optional)

Step 4: Pour in your lemon juice/cordial and top the rest of your tumbler with water. 

Step 5: Give it a good stir and top with a lemon slice for garnish! Then sip, serve, and slay!

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