Why We Stan Hazelnut Ground Coffee

Why We Stan Hazelnut Ground Coffee

Psssst! Want to know what's inside the coffee that literally all the baddies are drinking right now? It's hazelnut. 

Yes, that's right! Hazelnut ground coffee is finally claiming the window seat and getting the recognition it deserves by landing in the Flight Fuel Coffee hot spot, chosen specifically by Chris Olsen himself. 

Now if you usually favor caramel or vanilla then be prepared to change your coffee order and life, let's talk about how heavenly hazelnut coffee can be. Whether you prefer your brew steaming hot or over ice, the hazelnut notes enhance the aroma of the blend, leaving a subtle sweetness that consumers quite literally go ‘nuts’ for. 

The Benefits Of Drinking Hazelnut Coffee 

If you’re someone who wants a healthy start to the morning but can’t skip their morning coffee then consider the best of both worlds: a Hazelnut Ground Coffee. Certain studies have justified how Hazelnuts consist of numerous health benefits, so not only will it please your taste buds, but your body too. Some of these benefits include:

  • strengthening bones
  • reducing joint pain,
  • providing you with ample nutrients and antioxidants
  • helping with skin hydration 
  • They are packed with vitamin A, C and E!

There's also the natural benefits of drinking coffee itself, with new research suggesting that regular, reasonable, coffee consumption provides numerous benefits, such as: better absorption of vitamins, improved liver function and increased metabolism. Thus, the reasons as to why you can’t function without your morning coffee are totally justified, not to mention the obvious mood booster, energy and concentration that it also delivers. 

How Is Hazelnut Coffee Made? 

Can you taste hazelnut notes in your coffee or is it just hazelnut flavored coffee? (There's a difference).

For new coffee drinkers it can be hard to distinguish between the two - for our very own Hazelnut Flavor Coffee we created its nutty profile through natural flavoring oils. We use a blend of arabica all the way from Central South America. Usually packed full of chocolatey and nutty flavors, creating a perfect base profile, which we then roast to a medium strength. While the beans are warm we shower them with delicious hazelnut oils to infuse the flavor as they cool, before grinding them, leaving a heavenly flavor profile for you to enjoy.

How To Enjoy Your Hazelnut Ground Coffee

Enjoying your hazelnut coffee will give you the caffeine kick back into productivity, or just back into general alertness, awareness and energy. The suggested way to enjoy this grounded blend is through a French Press as there is no paper filter used within this technique, so more of the natural coffee oils will make it into the brew, making it even more dreamy. This way you’ll have more control over how your coffee tastes, by deciding the water temperature and brewing time to cater to how strong you take your coffee; although there are other brewing methods that will also give you desired results.

If you’re enjoying your hazelnut flavor coffee on the go then it's a fact that it will taste better within one of our Stainless Steel Travel Mugs, where the stainless steel will maintain the warmth (or cold). However if you’re all about the aesthetic then our Reusable Plastic Cup has the ability to romanticize your hazelnut iced coffee, for the girls who are all about the insta stories (which we would LOVE to see).