The Ultimate Gift Guide for all coffee lovers

The Ultimate Gift Guide for all coffee lovers

 The bundle to take your relationship to new altitudes

We understand finding that perfect gift for your soulmate can be a challenge, whether this is a girlfriend, bestie or even that sneaky link we all know you have. You want your gift to scream how much you love (or lust) your partner. But you also want to one up them because they always find those perfect gifts. Well, look no further. Flight Fuel coffee Classic Discovery bundle will fly your relationship to the heavens with its delicious and sweet tastes. This bundle is the ultimate coffee gift for those coffee lovers. It has something for everyone, with three different flavoursome coffee blends and the most popular blue travel mug for your coffee obsessed besties who always needs some extra fuel to slay the day. 

Now, we don’t lie when we say there’s something for everyone. This bundle has a variety of tastes, from chocolate and fruit to hazelnut and caramel. Our DCA, LHR and SFO blends are not here to play, they are ready to take your relationship to the highest altitudes and soar off into the clouds.  

Oh, so that bundle isn’t your vibe? Check out this bundle, hand-picked by our favourite TikTok sensation...

Trust the coffee baddie, Chris Olsen, with his favourite coffee bundle to surprise your bestie.

Chris Olsen has hand-picked these items, so you have everything you need to soar off into the clouds together. It contains two delicious coffee concentrates, our JFK caramel flavor concentrate and LAX vanilla flavor concentrate, a brew-tiful bag of LHR coffee and the most stylish travel mug ever made. That perfect person will be spoilt for choice as they make their way through caffeinated clouds with this ultimate coffee gift. We can confidently say, Chris really understood the assignment when picking this bundle.