What is Coffee Concentrate?

What is Coffee Concentrate?

Coffee concentrate is incredibly strong, highly concentrated coffee that can be used to make your favourite coffee drinks such as iced coffee, regular coffee as well as cocktails and desserts.  Coffee concentrate is made by placing coarsely ground coffee beans in cold water and leaving it to brew. The end result is a highly concentrated liquid, which when diluted becomes palatable. It can then be used to make almost any coffee drink.

Coffee Concentrate is taking off! 

Coffee Concentrate is a product that has quickly launched to the top of all coffee lovers’ lists. It is often considered the best fuel for when you’re travelling or on the go. If it’s just landed on you radar you may be wondering, what really is coffee concentrate?

One of the reasons to use coffee concentrate is that it’s incredibly versatile in comparison to other methods of coffee. Flight Fuel Coffee concentrate can be used for both hot or iced drinks. not to mention the many opportunities beyond using it as a drink, including using it as an edible in the form of ice creams, ice cubes, popsicles and even as a cooking or baking ingredient. Our favourites are our LAX Vanilla flavor cold brew and also the JFK - a caramel flavor cold brew, which make the perfect iced coffees!

Why Start Using Coffee Concentrate?

Not only is it incredibly versatile, using cold coffee concentrate saves time for those of you keeping to a tight schedule. Your favourite brews can be whipped up at home in just a few seconds. This means you can get more beauty sleep instead of getting up early to go to the café, saving you not just time but money too! With the cost per cup typically coming in at 80% less than your favorite coffee shop!
Now here’s the main reason, we know you’ve been waiting for it! The most popular thought for the fast growth in popularity of coffee concentrate is the sweet and scrumptious flavours. Cold brew coffee can come in it's purest, concentrated form, but also the flavour options are limitless.  Flight fuel coffee takes flavored coffee to new altitudes with our vanilla flavor coffee concentrate along with our JFK caramel flavor coffee concentrate.

Coffee concentrate vs Espresso

While espresso is more concentrated than a regular coffee - usually about 4 times as strong, it’s still different from coffee concentrate. Coffee concentrate is stronger than espresso because it has a higher caffeine content.
Coffee concentrate is made with cold water and goes through a slow brewing process, whereas espresso uses pressurised steam to force hot water through closely packed coffee grounds in a much quicker process. The process used for cold coffee concentrate results in a smoother texture and makes the flavour less bitter.  This also means that cold coffee concentrates have a higher acidity than espresso because of the higher amount of caffeine. Although the acidity can change depending on the roast that is used in both espresso and coffee concentrate.

The Simplest Way To Make Coffee

Coffee concentrate is the new best thing and can be used as a substitute for coffee shop staples such as an Americano, Skinny Latte, frappés or just about any other coffee!  The best thing about coffee concentrate is that it lets you make a great cuppa, however you want it, in seconds. Not to mention, its quick, simple, there’s no mess or extra machinery, equipment and expertise required. If you haven't tried cold brew coffee yet -It's time to get started today!