Chris Olsen: From Tiktok Daddy to Coffee Baddie

Chris Olsen: From Tiktok Daddy to Coffee Baddie

How did our favorite coffee obsessed bestie rise to fame? Chris joined TikTok in 2020 and instantly became a viral sensation. His witty humor and chaotic life grabbed the interest of people from all over the world, including you! Since then, Chris has gained millions of views from his hilarious therapy videos, delivering coffees to the best celebs, becoming the number one Harry Styles stan and now his very own coffee brand is about to take off! On top of this, Chris continues to use his platform for good as he speaks about his mental health and shows that therapy can be a positive experience for all his besties.

So, when did Chris Olsen launch into the spotlight?

Chris’s first ever videos were those famous challenges and trends from the chaotic year of 2020. I think we can all agree this year matched Chris’s personality perfectly. Soon after, he became the most relatable person on TikTok, he was posting videos about his mental health and because of this he became a comfort person for so many of us. Then came the beloved therapy videos that reached millions of views and took the internet by storm. Chris really understood the assignment with these videos, not only do they make us howl with laughter, but they have also encouraged so many of us to start therapy.

Chris's Link to Coffee

Chris’s success is never ending as he is now a regular red-carpet goer and made friends with some of the most iconic names of all time including Meghan Trainor, Dylan Mulvaney, Ryan Reynolds, Ashley Tisdale and his ‘sister’ Abbie Herbert. These celebs have now become coffee lovers because of Chris’s crazy deliveries. It all started from Chris filming his spontaneous airport coffees from his long journeys and telling us how coffee is a good pick me up for him. He has now delivered Flight Fuel to some of the most loved celebs, including flying across the globe to deliver coffee to Tom Daley, Sabrina Carpenter, Drew Barrymore, JoJo Siwa and even the Vice President Kamala Harris. He has shown us that a true caffeine addict will go to any lengths to help another caffeine addict. No really, we mean any lengths.

Everyone's Favourite 'Chris' Moment

Now we can’t forget about the moment that lives rent free in all our minds, the moment that Chris proved himself as the number one Harry Styles fan. This was when Chris went to the hottest singer, Harry styles’ concert and held up a sign that read “Daddy”. Not only was this a huge power move from Chris, but it also become the most iconic event in history when Harry simply replied “Yes” whilst pointing at this sign. We can all agree we would have loved to have been Chris in this moment. But Harry Styles isn’t the only hot celeb that Chris could form a possible new friendship with, Taylor Swift has been seen posting funny and witty comments on Chris’s TikTok’s and Chris has recently attended one of her fabulous concerts, maybe Taylor needs some Flight Fuel? Chris has also posted a TikTok with the gorgeous Paris Hilton and is besties with the beloved Meghan Trainor. Chris and Meghan are absolute friendship goals, even Meghan’s son calls Chris ‘Uncle’!

What's next for Chris?

Now Chris is continuing his success by launching his own coffee brand for all of us who need that extra Flight Fuel to get us through the day. He is offering a range of delicious coffee concentrates and beans to give all his besties a first-class roasting experience. Chris is establishing himself as an entrepreneur and taking the coffee world by storm!