How we’ve launched Flight Fuel as a sustainable coffee brand

How we’ve launched Flight Fuel as a sustainable coffee brand

Building a sustainable brand… The clue’s not always in the name
The name Flight Fuel Coffee was inspired by Chris’ viral content. During his travels he has picked up a lot of ‘airport coffee’ and delivered it to A-Listers as a fun pick-me-up. The metaphor extends to the places these brand new and exclusive coffee blends can take you. Despite the link to frequent flying, Chris Olsen always intended to have sustainability in mind.

What is sustainable coffee? 

The word sustainability is defined by something boasting the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level. Often, this word is specifically being used to describe maintenance of the environment. In this context, it is the pursuit of global environmental stability. In the coffee industry, we are considering the affects this coffee production has on the planet.  For a coffee company to be considered sustainable, it needs to be helping to offset the negative climate affects as fast as it adds to them. This can be done through considerations and changes in the crop management, farming, and roasting processes, as well as using fair trade, shipping with environmentally friendly resources, and even down to encouraging reusable cups to consumers.

Why is Flight Fuel Coffee a sustainable coffee brand? 

Flight Fuel Coffee has partnered with exclusive shipping partners who are established as a 100% Carbon Neutral fulfilment company. They are 100% carbon neutral across their entire supply chain, with an offset carbon footprint across its fulfilment network. This means the Flight Fuel Coffee fan base can become frequent flyers with guilt–free regular deliveries of their favourite Flight Fuel Coffee products.
Further to this, Flight Fuel Coffee has partnered with Ecologi, who will plant a tree with every sale made through our website. With Ecologi, we will automatically donate a fee from each sale to the Ecologi forest, so that our customers can reap the environmental impact of Flight Fuel purchases instantly. Who said flying high with your coffee routine couldn’t be an environmentally friendly action?

What can consumers do to make more sustainable choices with their coffee routine?

Paper cups might seem like an environmentally friendly choice when visiting a local coffee shop, however paper cannot hold liquid, so baristas pour coffee into cups lined with polyethylene, a plastic serving as a moisture barrier. Plastic cups used for iced drinks are particularly damaging to the environment as they are commonly made from polypropylene, which is not accepted in many recycling programmes in the US.  

An eco-aware gift from Chris Olsen

Of course, the easy route to carbon-offsetting at home is to prep your Flight Fuel Coffee beverage, such as the Vanilla Coffee Concentrate in your reusable Flight Fuel travel mug, take it with you and enjoy your favourite drink without any single-use plastics involved. Chris is gifting a Flight Fuel travel mug to every annual subscription purchase, to help coffee lovers ditch the single-use cups. Better yet, at the end of the 12 months, when you renew your annual subscription, you’ll get a brand-new travel mug for free, again!

How your coffee habit can help 

Most of us can agree that our daily routine always involves intake of coffee and changing such a frequent habit can be a lot easier said than done. So, you’ll be pleased to know, you don’t need to invest in solar panels to lead a greener lifestyle. It can start at home just by subscribing to an environmentally aware coffee company like Flight Fuel, getting it delivered with a carbon neutral shipment company, planting a tree with the sale, and then making it at home in your reusable Flight Fuel travel mug. It really is that easy!