The Versatility of Coffee Concentrate

The Versatility of Coffee Concentrate

It’s not surprising that coffee concentrate is becoming a must have for every coffee lover. Who wouldn’t want consistent flavor, cup after cup, without the mess and fuss? However, it is the versatility of coffee concentrate that is making it America’s new favorite kitchen essential.

But what is coffee concentrate?

Coffee concentrate is an extract. This means the quality of the coffee beans used and the process used to gain this ‘extract’ will impact the standard of the coffee concentrate. 

Flight Fuel’s coffee concentrates are created using a process that carefully immerses the ground coffee beans in cold water for the whole of the brew time. This method allows the coffee to be slowly extracted which produces a beautifully dense coffee. This cold-water extraction method produces the highest quality coffee concentrate.

The coffee extract is then mixed with triple-filtered water to create a smooth concentrate with maximum intensity and richness.

The use of 100% Arabica coffee beans also guarantees that Flight Fuel’s coffee concentrates are of superior quality with an incredibly consistent flavor and texture. 

So how do you use coffee concentrate?

Coffee concentrate is so easy to use! Just pop one or two teaspoons into your cup (depending on how strong you like it) and you are one step away from creating hot or iced coffees. We have designed some amazing recipes for you using Flight Fuel’s coffee concentrates, why not give them a try?!

When a recipe calls for coffee you are ready to go! No fuss, no need to prep, no leftover coffee grounds to deal with, just use your coffee concentrate. If you are a coffee lover the possibilities are only as limited as your recipe collection!

It is this incredible versatility that is making coffee concentrate so popular with people who love great tasting coffee but don’t always have time to make it from scratch.

What is flavored coffee concentrate? 

If you think coffee concentrate is amazing, then be prepared to take your coffee to new heights with flavored coffee concentrates.

America’s favorite coffee flavor is caramel, the world’s favorite flavor is vanilla. So it’s not surprising that Chris has curated a caramel flavored coffee concentrate and a vanilla flavored coffee concentrate.

 Flavored coffee concentrate recipes

Here are some quick Flight Fuel flavored coffee concentrate recipes to infuse your coffee journey with added depth and tastiness. It’s hard to believe that just one or two teaspoons (you choose your strength) could transform your coffee routine forever!

Vanilla Americano

  • 1 - 2 teaspoons of LAX vanilla flavored coffee concentrate
  • Add 8 oz of hot water

Hot caramel latte

  • 1 - 2 teaspoons of JFK vanilla flavored coffee concentrate
  • Add 8 oz of hot milk or dairy alternative of choice and stir

Iced vanilla latte

  • Put ice in a tumbler
  • Add two teaspoons of LAX caramel flavored coffee concentrate
  • Add 8 oz of hot milk or dairy alternative of choice and stir

The other great thing about coffee concentrate is that you can decide how strong you want your coffee to be, super subtle or fantastically strong, it’s completely up to you! Coffee concentrate makes your coffee easily customizable!

How long does coffee concentrate last? 

For the best results always use your Flight Fuel coffee concentrate within 14 days of opening. Once opened it’s recommended you keep your concentrate bottle in the fridge for the freshest coffee experience.