Gifts For Coffee Lovers, Christmas 2023

Gifts For Coffee Lovers, Christmas 2023

The best coffee gifts to pack in your carry-on, find something for every coffee lover this Christmas.

Finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your Christmas list can be challenging. But with Flight Fuel Coffee, we make it easy. Whether you're shopping for your boss, searching for a stocking filler for your daughter, or looking to surprise your Chris Olsen-loving brother-in-law, we've got you covered. Discover the joy of gifting for coffee lovers this holiday season with our range of trending products.

Why do people give coffee as a gift? 

In our opinion, coffee is one of the best gifts to give at Christmas (okay, maybe we're a tad obsessed). I mean, who doesn't start their morning with coffee? Whether it's battling that post-lunch slump or those late-night cravings, coffee's got your back.

So, here's the deal: Maybe your giftee is itching to explore the buzz around coffee concentrate. Or perhaps they're head over heels for hazelnut coffee but can't stand those coffee syrups. Get ready to surprise them with a coffee that'll make their year!

What is Flight Fuel Coffee?

Flight Fuel Coffee is a sustainably sourced, flavor-packed coffee that will change how you brew. It was inspired by TikTok sensation Chris Olsen, and his viral travel content where he jumped onto flights to deliver coffee to A-list celebrities casually. From this, Chris has curated a coffee brand of his own with the same metaphor, delicious coffee blends that deliver a well-needed pick-me-up.

With sustainability in mind, whichever flavor-packed coffee they pick from the range - whole bean, ground coffee, or coffee concentrate - we plant a tree for every purchase through our climate partners, Ecologi. Be part of a sustainable coffee future today with Flight Fuel.

Want to introduce someone to a new coffee routine this Christmas? Gift them Flight Fuel to send their 2024 into new altitudes.

Gifts for the Chocolate and Coffee Lovers

BOS Concentrate (New Release!)

Does coffee and chocolate run through their veins? Our latest release harmoniously blends the two, allowing them to savor the rich essence of cocoa while experiencing the rush of caffeine, all in a single teaspoon (yes, you read that right!).

Similar to our LAX and JFK concentrates, all that's required is a glass of ice, combined with milk or water, and topped with our BOS concentrate to craft a heavenly chocolate iced latte. (This method is equally suited for those who prefer a hot beverage). Gift them a different type of chocolate this year, one that they’ll be able to enjoy 47 times exactly! This marks the beginning of a chocoholic love story.

Coffee Bundles

Priority Baggage Coffee Concentrate Triple Pack

Are they indecisive when it comes to flavor? Cover all the bases with our (name pending) gift set. With the enchanting trio of vanilla, caramel, and chocolate they’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to crafting their morning brew.
Brace yourself for impact (numbers): each concentrate has 47 servings, so altogether that's 141 coffees within the bundle. This means that one brew a day will last them 5 months in total! That's almost half a year’s worth of coffee! We bet no one else will be able to top that Christmas gift.

Coffee Concentrate Bundle

Do they cherish those extra ten minutes of sleep in the morning? With our signature stainless steel tumbler and double act of concentrates, we’ve made taking coffee on the go a breeze. No more fretting over the morning Starbucks rush (and cost), with this gift set they’ll become their own barista and effortlessly curate quality coffee in seconds. Not only will you give them the full Flight Fuel experience, but you’ll also save 30% on our branded tumbler, creating savings for both yourself and them! A win-win in our eyes.

Flight Fuel Coffee Priority Baggage Triple Pack

Classic Coffee Discovery Bundle

Looking for the ultimate gift for coffee lovers? You’ve reached the right gate. Not only does this bundle offer all three of our premium bag options in whole bean or ground, but it also includes our signature travel mug for them to showcase their newfound coffee in.

With the options of caramel, hazelnut, and classic original, they can switch up their coffee routine every morning, adding variety and flavor without any fuss. Bring increased concentration, alertness, and energy into their 2024.

Gifts for the Iced Coffee Lovers

Gifts For Iced Coffee Lovers

LAX Vanilla Coffee Concentrate

Can they not go a day without an iced vanilla latte? (Neither can we!). Our concentrate works perfectly for iced coffees, just a single teaspoon of concentrate is all you need in a glass of ice, blended with milk or water, although this also works for hot brews if that's more their style.

This one bottle also equates to 47 servings, meaning you’ve technically brought them their next 47 coffees, it’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. Let them indulge in the timeless combination of vanilla and espresso, all with the courtesy of our best-selling LAX concentrate.

Flight Fuel LAX Coffee

JFK Caramel Coffee Concentrate

Next on the runway is our JFK coffee concentrate. If they usually opt for the sweeter option then our caramel-infused concentrate delivers a comforting taste that will satisfy any cravings. It delivers the same amount of fuel as our LAX concentrate, meaning there are 47 servings in one bottle, with just one teaspoon = one brew.

All they’ll need is a glass of ice paired with milk or water to craft an effortless caramel iced latte, although if they fancy a hot coffee then this product caters to both preferences without the inconvenience of a coffee machine. Spoil them with the desired combination of caramel and espresso all with the courtesy of our best-selling JFK concentrate.

JFK Caramel Coffee Concentrate

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Gifts for the Classic Coffee Lovers 

Flight Fuel DCA Coffee

Coffee Bags (whole bean and ground)

Do they prefer to stick to the classic way of making coffee? Coffee concentrate isn’t our only forte, we’ve also curated high-flying whole bean and ground blends; featuring our LHR original, DCA hazelnut, and SFO caramel. Coffee flavoring is what we specialize in, we do this by carefully infusing the warm, freshly roasted coffee beans with natural flavoring oils. This alchemical fusion births the notes of hazelnut and caramel, enhancing the coffee with a rich and silky taste you won’t find at a coffee shop, making it the perfect christmas gift.
Our coffee bags are available in both whole bean or ground, making them suitable for any coffee machine, French press, moka pot, or pour-over! Switch up their coffee routine and gift them a coffee blend that will leave them soaring.
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Coffee accessories gifts

Flight Fuel Coffee Accessories

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Are they eco-conscious? Our branded stainless steel tumbler encourages a reusable approach for their on-the-go coffees. Crafted with vacuum insulation, it ensures that their brew will stay at peak temperature for any iced or hot brews they choose to make, it's an ideal Christmas gift that they’ll be able to appreciate all year round! Choose from one of our three unique colors with our retro Flight Fuel design and we guarantee it will be the gift they’ll never leave the house without.

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Flight Fuel Tumbler

Are they all about that iced coffee aesthetic? Look no further than our Flight Fuel tumbler. The transparent look accompanied by our retro Flight Fuel branding will have them head over heels. Accompanied by a snug lid and straw this tumbler allows for precise brewing measurements and easy sipping, making it a durable option that will last them years even when used daily. Meanwhile, its double insulated wall allows for a thermal effect, keeping their beverage hot or cool for the long-haul whilst the outer plastic remains safe to touch. Elevate their iced coffee game (and Instagram pics) sip after sip.
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Flight Fuel Coffee Tumbler

Have You Ever Thought About a Coffee Subscription Gift?

(You decide)

Flight Fuel Coffee Subscription

Tired of hearing them complain about not having any money for coffee? Fuel their lifestyle with a Flight Fuel Coffee subscription - the ultimate solution to their caffeine cravings. With this subscription, they’ll receive regular coffee deliveries that are completely flexible for their preferences. They can swap, pause, or skip deliveries at any time depending on their mood or coffee preference, making it truly the gift that keeps on giving. Introduce them to a coffee influx that adapts to their lifestyle.

Let Them Decide…

Coffee Gift Card

A Flight Fuel Coffee instant e-gift card makes gifting coffee simple this festive season. Let your loved ones choose from our versatile coffee collection that even features aviation merchandise! This includes our stainless steel travel mugs that keep their lattes steaming or a Flight Fuel Tumbler perfect for those icy options.