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Spilling the Beans on How to Give Your Staycation a Glow Up

Thinking of planning a getaway close to home? We have the best top tips and tricks to give your staycation that extra slay and bring coffee culture from around the world to you.

Staycations have launched into popularity in recent years, and we’re ready to spill the beans on why staycations are so iconic. We know that a peaceful little getaway is on your mind, but a vacation abroad is not always possible. So why not join the other 173 million U.S. citizens planning to take a staycation this year? We’ll let you in on a little secret… 76% of all holiday bookings made at 16 global vacation hotspots this year were staycations. This is why we're launching our slaycation campaign and bringing the taste of coffee from around the world to you.

You might be wondering why staycations have taken off, there are lots of benefits that you may not know about!

  1. Save Money.

Let’s start with the well-known benefit, it is much easier to save money! The usual vacation expenses, such as transportation, fancy restaurants and travel costs can add up. We’re here to help you grab those extra dollars, maybe you could use them for your next Flight Fuel Coffee order! 

  1. Reduce Travel and Eco Emissions.

Your choice to stay near your home becomes way more eco-friendly. You can help to reduce environmental emissions and climate change by traveling less! We have partnered with Ecologi, which plants a tree for every sale made on our website.

We are also partnered with exclusive shipping partners who are established as 100% carbon neutral. As a brand, we try to help the environment as much as we can, you can plant your tree by ordering in time for your next slaycation. Now that you know what we're doing, you can help the environment by traveling fewer miles and taking vacations closer to home.

  1. Increase your Relaxation and Self Care.

Vacations are meant for relaxation and adventure, but how are we meant to relax with the stress of overweight luggage, airport delays and costly travel? Well, staycations are here to slay the stress away. With no worries about how your 64 outfit changes will fit into your bag or how much eyeliner you can fit into those tiny plastic bags, you’ll have everything you need to become runway ready from the moment you leave the house.

  1. Bring your pets!

For all our baddies with furry friends, we know how difficult it can be to leave your best friend behind. Well, you’re not alone, 78% of Americans travel with their pets and around 60% of travelers worldwide take their pets on vacation with them. Staycations help to avoid the expense and stress of flying with pets, making it the relaxing getaway you deserve.  


Top Tips:

Now you know why staycations are the new craze, we’re ready to give you our three top tips on how to bring your dream destination to you. We love all staycations, but there are many ways to make yours slay a little harder.

  1. Bring the dream destination and culture to you.

We have crafted a collection of delicious recipes with a Flight Fuel twist for you to try during your staycation, these recipes bring the taste of coffees from around the world to the comfort of your home, road trip, or getaway. You can bring the flavors of England, Algeria, Italy, Australia, Portugal, Spain, or France to wherever you are, whenever you want.

These quick and easy recipes include something for everyone, including our TikTok famous LAX Vanilla Coffee Concentrate and JFK Caramel Coffee Concentrate. They also provide the perfect range of iced coffees and incredible flavors that never fail to hit the sweet spot during those summer days. Including these recipes is the key to a boujee staycation.

If you’re dreaming of a city break, our English Caramel Frappuccino is the one for you. This coffee will whisk you away to the bustling London parks and beautiful rooftop restaurants that give you a taste of the first-class experience. 

But if London isn’t the perfect breakaway, our Australian Magic Coffee recipe is ready to bring the magic of Melbourne to your staycation. This coffee is strong enough to get you through the hours of city exploring whilst being sweet enough to slay.

Maybe you’re looking for a relaxing trip to unwind, why not try our classic Italian Affogato and be transported to the sunny Florence square for a peaceful European getaway? This recipe allows you to explore the authentic taste of Italy with its delicious combination of vanilla ice cream and espresso. Or soar off to the gorgeous Lake Como with our Espresso Con Panna recipe and take in the iconic lake and mountain views whilst sipping on this velvety and indulgent coffee.

Or if you fancy adding extra European elegance to your coffee, our Café Viennois never fails to supply the French charm. After one sip, this drink will have you entranced by the beauty of the Parisian Streets and dreaming of a freshly baked croissant.

Escape into the Algarve with our Portuguese Mazagran Coffee, this coffee brings a fresh and delicious taste of Portugal with its combination of citrus and rich espresso. The lemon infusion makes it the perfect coffee to stay refreshed on a hot summer day (and keep you zesty!).

Or if you’re looking for some extra sweetness, our Café Bombon always hits the sweet spot. This sweet espresso drink will have you dreaming of the iconic Spanish beaches and topping up on your golden tan.

Take a sip of our Algerian Mazagran coffee and begin to explore the beautiful botanical gardens with the love of your life (or sneaky link, we don’t judge). This recipe provides the perfect balance of smooth coffee and ice, making it the perfect summer drink. 

  1. Plan and prepare your activities.

Treat your staycation like a vacation! You wouldn’t go abroad without looking and booking the local activities so make sure you do it even when you are close to home! With the popularity of staycations increasing - planning and preparing for your activities is one of our best tips for giving you a getaway glow up.

Can’t think of any activities you love? Well, we have some iconic ideas for you, along with the correct ways to prepare for your staycation activities. Make sure you bring the correct clothes, from comfy to fancy, as well as the right snacks and drinks. We are obviously experts in providing the best drinks… so if you’re off for a theme park adventure or ready for your campfire night, grab your Stainless Steel Travel Mug to keep your drink at the perfect temperature, and take it wherever you go! If you’re relaxing around the pool or on the beach, our Coffee Concentrates and Reusable Plastic Cup is the perfect pick for you. Or maybe you love a bit of exercise on your vacay? Our Travel mugs and Coffee Concentrates are absolute necessities when you need a quick coffee break on those chaotic bike rides or peaceful hikes.

  1. Learn something new!

Whether you learn about coffee culture or slaying a new skill, learning something new is an iconic way to create the best memories. This isn't easy for everyone, so we're here to help. Our recipes teach you about other countries' influences that you can incorporate into your coffee, as well as the iconic coffee culture behind each drink. Whether it’s adding the French charm or the beauty of Italy’s famous towns to your staycation, we have the perfect recipes to bring their coffee culture to you.

We hope our tips and tricks ensure your slaycation understands the assignment. We can’t wait for you to try our twist on different coffee cultures, make sure to tag @flightfuelcoffee in any of your coffee TikToks or Insta pics!